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How we hire

We want to see you put your best foot forward. Here's where you can see what you should expect of us. And what we expect of you.

Our Bank Blueprint

We place great importance on how you work as a member of a growing network. All of our departments co-exist, weaving together to craft a seamless journey for our customers.

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Why I chose Bank of Ireland

We're a world of opportunities for those with the talent and drive. So why did some of the brightest make Bank of Ireland part of their future?

“I’ve had some incredible mentors in Bank of Ireland; super smart people who sometimes believed in me more than I believed in myself“

Karena O Sullivan, Director of Finance Strategy & Transformation

“For the first time I’m working with a company that really wants to use data and insight to make better experiences for our customers”

Colin Kane, Customer Analytics Manager

“I love the fact that I get to be part 
of the digital transformation that’s happening here”

Mike Harlick, Digital Technologist

“For such a big organisation, they really believe in the potential of the individual”

Hope Stack, Regulatory Compliance Manager

“I really value the openness to change - it means a lot to me that I can influence the ways things get done“

Julia Quatresols, Head of UK Commercial Model Management Function

“My role is to help people within the Bank to share their ideas and help bring them to life. I love the fact that Bank of Ireland is taking entrepreneurship really seriously within it’s own organisation as well as with customers“

Gene Murphy, Entrepreneur in residence