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Senior Vendor Manager


Senior Vendor Manager

Dublin | Ireland

Purpose of the Role:

The role requires an experienced Vendor Manager to manage the day-to-day relationship with our key external vendors, to rigorously oversee the Vendor Risk & Assurance landscape and to interact with key stakeholders including Cards & Loans Product Business, Procurement, Legal, GRCOR and Business Assurance Teams.

The accountabilities of the role include:

  • Vendor Governance to Industry Best in Class Standards
  • Internal & External Relationship Management to Executive Management/Leadership level
  • Vendor Risk & Assurance Management
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Innovation Management
  • Product Business Engagement
  • Participation in Vendor Client Fora

The Vendor Manager will also manage the oversight of subcontractors for Cards CoE, reflecting the requirement from internal and external reviews that chain outsourcing is fully managed end-to-end.

There are currently c.30 vendors in total to manage.

The role holder will also proactively support the Head of Vendor Management , demonstrating leadership, influencing and management capabilities to ensure the Vendor management unit contributes sustained value to Cards CoE and Group Operations and Payments

The unit is comprised of:

  • Vendor Management team - who are accountable for:
  • Management of Cards & Loans Outsource Partners and
  • Management oversight of chain outsourcing (30+ material subcontractors) to external review standards

Key Responsibilities:

Relationship Management

  • Establish, maintain and build effective business relationships and partnerships built on trust that endure and deliver top tier vendor performance and enhanced value to BOI Group.
  • Develop strong and trusted customer relationships in order to understand Cards & Loans Business challenges and ensure required outcomes are supported by Outsourced partners.

Vendor Performance, Contract, Commercials

  • Proactively utilise CCoE Vendor Contract Calendar methodology to ensure all contractual obligations are tracked and evidenced.
  • Complete and evidence ongoing contract checks to ratify adequacy of key contract provisions including those covering chain governance, data protection, information technology risk, business continuity, exit plans and termination.
  • Execute existing robust Vendor Cost management into formal Vendor Governance Fora
  • Rigorously manage Vendor SLAs and KPIs.
  • Ensure robust Service Credits and Direct Loss methodology in place, adhered to and evidenced
  • Develop the existing CCoE Vendor Governance Evidence repository to fulfil 24 Hour turnaround Regulator requirement.

Vendor Risk Management

  • Manage and enhance the CCoE Vendor Governance Framework to include formulation and implementation of Vendor risk governance fora with Vendors to support identification, measurement, management, mitigation and reporting of third party and chain risk.
  • In conjunction with GRCOR & Business Assurance teams build a comprehensive risk profile of the vendors managed by the unit to include third party interdependencies and related risks, and complete and maintain detailed risk control self assessments.
  • Develop ongoing vendor due diligence governance within the unit aligned with Group SRM and Supplier Due Diligence framework.
  • Ensure CCoE Vendor Governance model adheres to BOI Outsourcing Policy including full records of all engagements with all vendors.
  • Proactively support GRCOR, GIA and Regulatory Audits and Reviews leveraging evidence based methodology established in the unit.
  • Provide input to GRCOR in the maintenance of Sourcing Risk Register and other ad hoc requests including SSM IT Outsourcing Reviews.
  • Foster forward looking risk management approach in the Vendor Management Team in order to identify potential outsourcing risk at earliest opportunity.
  • Fully support and engage with Cards CoE Risk Forum.

Strategic Focus

  • Maintain focus on Payments innovation and digital environment to ensure Vendors are positioned to align technology solutions to support business critical strategic projects.
  • Drive Vendor Performance & Innovation leveraging both contractual commitments and effective business and customer relationships.
  • Utilise learning and best practice from CCoE Vendor Management to further embed best practice across the wider Operations and Payments team.

Essential Qualifications:

Relevant 3rd level qualification

Key Capabilities Required:

  • Provenfinancial services experience, ideally Cards and Payments business within the ROI and UK.
  • Previous experience in effectively managing multiple relationships with senior internal and external customers, operating across a wide stakeholder group, both at a strategic and operational level.
  • Demonstrated capability to drive continuous improvement in Vendor Management with particular focus on managing Vendor Risk and meeting relevant Regulatory, Compliance and Legal requirements.
  • Strong business acumen, technical and product knowledge and the ability to understand, influence and realise Group Vendor Management objectives at both an operational and strategic level.
  • Strong understanding of the interdependencies between key stakeholders in Vendor Management including Procurement, Legal, Risk & Security and Cards & Loans Product Business.
  • Strong understanding of the evolving Financial Services & Payments Industry landscape and associated impacts on Vendor Management.
  • Experience of working with Third Party Cards & Loans Processors.
  • External card and payments network, particularly across Ireland and the UK.
  • Proven Team focus with ability to be collaborative and flexible, with excellent presentation and communication skills, including strong oral and written skills.
  • Relevant third level academic qualification.

Additional Requirements:

As this role is largely externally focused some travel will be required to support our UK Business, based in London.

Closing date: Jul 27, 2017

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